RMA Process

I just went through an RMA process, and it was fairly easy to go through.  Here are some details in case any of you have hardware that needs replacing.

1. Contact Tablo Support (via email is easiest) to troubleshoot whatever issue you are having.
2. If support can’t solve the problem and it appears to be an issue with the device, they will notify you that a new Tablo will be sent.
3. Support will ask for your original order number to get your shipping info.  (I assume that you have moved, then notify Tablo of your new address).  
4. It took a few days for them to ship the replacement and notify me of the tracking number.  Mine was shipped via the postal service.
5. My replacement arrived 2 days after the notification.   It was a complete Tablo box with power cord and ethernet cable.
6. I just swapped the devices out.  I had kept my old box, so I just moved the replacement power cord and ethernet cable to the old box along with the bad Tablo.  Since the serial number is on the box, I thought this was easiest.  But if you had already thrown you old box out, there is nothing wrong with shipping the bad Tablo in the box that the replacement came in.  
7. I put the Tablo box inside the shipping box and took it down to a FedEx store.  I shipped it back via FedEx ground using Nuvyyo’s shipping code.  I just had to put the RMA number on the box first.    
8. Finally, I then emailed Nuvyyo the tracking ID number.

It is a pretty smooth process and no cost to the consumer. The only thing I might change is to provide a premade label in the box so that I could just drop off the device rather than having to fill out a complete shipping form. But that is minor quibble.

As mentioned in another thread, if you get a new device, you can’t access your old recordings.  You also have to go in and set up all your scheduled recordings again.  The Tablo does not reformat your hard drive, so it recognizes it is in the correct format.  

Sorry we had to swap your Tablo, but glad it was an easy process for you @Snowcat

As we get bigger we’ll likely consider creating labels for return shipping. At this point it’s not cost-effective.

@snowcat Why did you need to RMA it?

Also, @TabloTV is support for accessing your old recordings from one Tablo to another on the roadmap?

@Max - This is something we’re working on. Just trying to make some decisions on the best approach.

I certainly understand.   I was just used to DirecTv’s return process since I had to send back their receivers after getting a Tablo. :slight_smile: