Rival to Tablo TV (old thread)

I do love my Tablo TV, hence the reason I have a news “Google Alert”. News article says 4SeTV is a rival to Tablo TV. After watching the demo, I’m not sure it’s a competitor of Tablo.  Technology is interesting though. 

Interesting product.  The source used for the video is CATV although I’m highly skeptical that any streaming product could change channels with the speed shown in this demo.   4 live TV shows at once?    I’ve had PIP on multiple devices over the years and it was a feature rarely used.   It does appear to be a competitor to TabloTV.   While the marketing video showed Cable as a source, from the FAQ on their website, only OTA is currently supported.   Why did they choose to do a demo with CATV as the source rather than OTA?     

The question in my mind this product raises, could support for a network tuner like HDHomeRun ever be added to TabloTV?

Interesting, but what makes me wonder is that the video actually shows Cable channels so why are they saying an antenna?

When he brought the channels down it looked like all cable shows to me…

Good to see competition.  Though I have to pause when they upsell with “We are the only product that does 4 screens at the same time”.    Since when has this been a feature that anyone is interested in?   I can only see one use case:  watching sports.   To be honest if I really want to watch multiple games at the same time,  I probably care about picture quality.  If so,  why not buy a handful of smaller HDTVs…since they are so cheap these days.


So, my immediate thought is why?  I second the above.  I never used PIP.  Aside form that, I’m sure everyone would like nothing more than to watch 4 different things on a big screen with only one audio output…  Not saying this product won’t be good, but I’d take my marketing a different direction than maximizing that feature.

@7Up - It is potentially possible to add cable card support for Tablo. It would require some software updates and different guide data though.

We don’t feel they’re a true competitor though. You can’t record or pause TV and we do support picture-in picture functionality with the web-based app. 

@TabloTV "we do support picture-in picture functionality with the web-based app. "

You do? How? Did I totally miss this?

Just spin up two (or four) windows in Chrome and run the web-based app like you would in a single window. Adjust the window sizes to fit the screen and you’re good to go.

Of course, this capability depends on how good your video card is. We’ll probably do a blog post on this soon, so keep an eye peeled for that.

(Apologies for the giant picture.)

@TabloTV, lol. Ok, Not “really” PiP, but I see what you did there :stuck_out_tongue:

I hadn’t really thought about opening up two browser windows at the same time on the same PC.   I am going to have to try that sometime soon.  That might be a great way to watch NFL games on CBS and FOX at the same time.

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Also depends on your internet connection and how good YOUR LAN is.

Ah, fooled me again. Shame on me. Here I thought this was something new…

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