RIP DVDs and Play Through Tablo

I have not yet purchased a Tablo (but expect to in the next couple weeks), and have been weighing my options. 

Part of my home theater setup is a library of DVDs that I would like to RIP and put on a hard drive to then be able to watch.  I have done this with a handful of movies and have them on my computer that I installed a PS3 Media Server, then use my PS3 to play it.  This isn’t a bad solution, but only sends the feed to one tv in my house.

I’m wondering if I were to put the movies on the external hard drive, will the Tablo play these movies?

No it will not. The Tablo is not a player. It is more of a server for your OTA content.

You use a Roku or Fire TV to playback the Tablo content on your HDTV. You can use Plex channel on the Roku to playback your rips though. Just install Plex Media Server on that computer.

@rklockner - TheUser86 is correct. Tablo focuses solely on OTA content. You’ll need to look for a streaming device that has a USB port on it. Or perhaps consider Plex. 

@rklockner - If you are serious about ripping your DVD library and streaming them to your TV I suggest, as theuser86 did, investing in a good quality streaming box that offers the PLEX APP(Roku 3, FireTV, ect) as well as the Tablo as of course.

PLEX is a very well designed media server that you install on a computer that is connected to the same LAN as your streaming box. The media server streams the ripped DVD file from your hard drive to the app installed on your streaming box over your LAN. It is very rich in features with artwork, trailers, critical movie info (actors, director, plot, ect) as well a remote access to your movie library.

I have the Roku 3 and bought tested the FireTV. I personally experienced better (flawless) performance with PLEX on the Roku and I like the PLEX user interface better on the Roku 3.


Are you referring to the ‘current’ Plex Roku channel UI on the Roku which many feel is ‘old and dated’? Or the new Plex Pass Preview of the Plex Roku channel? See below:
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@theuser86 - Well color me green and call me a cucumber. I knew absolutely nothing about this preview channel and I am a lifetime Plex Pass Member.