Rewinding live tv not working on apple tv

Anyone else having problems rewinding while watching live tv? I’m on an Apple TV 4K. I saw an old thread on this, but it was closed. Has it always been this way? Is there any hope of this bug getting fixed? Recent convert to tablo from TiVo. So far so good, but this is a basic function I think should be solid by now.

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Welcome to the Tablo community. I switched over to Tablo from TiVo myself about 1 month ago and will start paying for the monthly subscription today.

My TiVo Roamio OTA Lifetime had one of its 4 tuners go rogue and cause pixellation/block recordings when that tuner is selected. There is no way to disable an individual tuner on this model like the old DirecTV Series 2 TiVos.

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Hi @BlahBlahBlah,

Can you describe your issue in more detail? For example, what would your procedure be for reproducing?

Rewinding should be working fine on Apple TV, though there are known issues surrounding the seeker jumping either forward or backwards when swiping over the touchpad.

I’ve done some more testing, and these are the steps to consistently reproduce the playback error:

  1. Pick a channel for to watch live on the apple TV (4K).
  2. Once the show you were watching is over and the next show has started, hitting either pause or rewind will cause the playback to start from when you first started watching the channel. Trying to fast forward to where you left off will not work. The only way to get back to watching live tv is to go back to the guide and select the channel again.

So, if you tune to a channel five minutes before the show you want to watch, and then pause the tv 10 minutes after the show you’re watching has started, the playback restarts to the moment you first started watching the channel (5 minutes before your show started).

I have two apple TV 4Ks that I’ve been using with the tablo, and this bug happens with both. I thought it was a bug with tablo, but since starting this thread, I’ve tested both the iOS app on an ipad and the tablo app on a roku and the bug seems to be just with the apple TV app (which is the one I use the most). Even with this happening, I can connect to the tuner’s stream using the ipad, and scrub back and forth with no problem. It’s just the apple TVs that are both having this issue.

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Your description is correct and is the same I sent to Tablo many times. I also sent a video showing the issue last April.

They do know about the problem and it was never fixed. I do not understand why they appear ignorant of the issue in the forum.

Honestly, I have lost hope that this issue will ever be fixed.

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I have been reporting the same issue to support for years. They never acknowledge the problem or offer a solution.

Update on my solution for the problem,

It became so bad that I could not even watch Live TV without buffering or pausing. If you backup or try to pause and then play it would just lock up for a long time. Chanels we had been able to watch were locking up as if they could not get signal from the towers. Up on the roof several times to re-align, no help. Wife getting very mad!

Finally I decided to delete all recording and reset it back to default with nothing on it. It got stuck deleting a few files.

Pulled the HDD, TV channels started working. No pause, recording etc but it was now working…

I tried to reformat the drive, it would not go. Used an external PC, no go! Must be a bad HD.

So I picked up a new 2T SSD and replace the drive. Most all issues gone, once in a while it has a pause or jump back to start problem but I believe this to be buggy firmware in the Tablo.

I had the original 1T drive that came with the system, it was a laptop class spinning HDD. The new SSD is so responsive.
Easy to do, pull the power, remove the door screw, swap the drive and rebuild. Boot up and tell the system to use the new drive. Two months later all still good.
Wife is not upset (about the Tablo) anymore.

I have the exact same issue. Rewinding Live TV (10 seconds back) causes Tablo TV App on Apple TV to rewind to the beginning of the recording. So frustrating. I saw another post that this issue was first reported in 2019.

Good luck with your issue. I just upgraded my old Apple TV HD to the new 4K 128 hoping it may fix the issue and it does not. Same old problem. I have lost hope of this issue being ever resolved as tablo has never acknowledged the problem.

I’ve had this problem also while pausing live tv. If I’ve been watch for 40 minutes it will rewind back to the beginning and not allow you to go forward.

I did discover that if I set the show to record then it seems to allow the pausing and being able to move forward. Not really a good solution, but maybe it can help someone. It’s a PITA