Rewind tv launching

Launching Sept 1 on some Nexstar owned stations. In Austin TX it will be 36.4. I just rescanned and not their yet. @TabloTV can this be added at launch date or do you need to wait for someone to request it?

Sadly you seem to have dealt with new channel guide data missing, and the time involved too many times… you already know.

I feel for you, I’ve been through it a couple of times, but recall your post more than most it seems :cry:

I will create it as soon as Titantv has it. They beat Gracenote most times.

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Agree! I have a ticket in since early July to add program data for a station broadcasting GRIT on a sub-channel in Phoenix AZ. Gracenote has delayed it advising they have not been able to reach the station, but TitanTV has had the guide data for several weeks.

We’ve given Gracenote a heads-up that it’s coming but it all depends on the local broadcasters getting them the schedules on time.

In Buffalo it will be 23.2. I can see all the new programs now in the guide under 23.2 Bounce. Once the station ID changes September 1, all should be good to go.

Somehow by magic is ahead of the station. 36 4 ALREADY there WITHOUT me having to request it

Sent email to support last night and so far only automated response.

Program guide had Ion when it was on 42 in Little Rock couple months or so moved to 38-3 and shows up as Ion but no programming listed. And of course tomorrow 38-2 in Little Rock will be rewind

Amazing but Titan TV all ready had it by magic. There was a list listing channels cities so they JUST ADD. No need to wait on station. It IS THE SAME NATIONWIDE but yet Gracenote drags their feet

17.4 Defy and 17.5 True Real are still not updated in Austin as well.

Do make sure to submit a ticket on these. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

Not on my Tablo, so I haven’t requested

@TabloTV I’ve just added the “Rewind TV” channel. It’s channel 33-5 in the Dallas, TX area.
I can tune to the channel, but so far there is no guide information.

Did you call Tablo support for Dallas guide data from Gracenote. www Titantv com might have it for you like it did for me. Guess it is being Nexstar owned. 29

I submitted a ticket a few weeks back to ask Tablo to have the Rewind TV guide data updated for the Minneapolis area. When Rewind launched the guide data was pleasantly available. On the flip side, in the same ticket I also asked that guide data be added for a different channel and it’s sub-channels and the guide data is still not available but Tablo recently informed me that: “Our guide data service provider has indicated that they reached out to the channel, but that they have yet to receive a reply from the channel. I will follow up with them for additional information, if it’s available.”. Perhaps it’s the various local affiliates that are dragging their feet.

@TabloTV Last week I added Rewind TV to my Tablo. (channel 33.5 in the Dallas, TX area). I could tune to the channel, but the Live TV guide data was missing.

Last night I noticed that the Live TV guide for Rewind TV (channel 33.5) is now populated, but is shown as CoziTV with program info from the CoziTV network.
When I tune to channel 33.5, it’s still Rewind TV, but the guide data is all wrong.

Ditto. For 75033 (N. of Dallas)

I did a re-scan and 31.6 came up. It’s called digi tv that will start on September 27th. Austin seems to be adding subchanels monthly.

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Is it really useful to continue to add new subchannels when you are not also receiving extra hours in your life to watch the content.

You could buy a huge HHD, set the recording quality to the lowest, and make every show a reoccuring recording. That way you can add the tablo to your will and pass on 10’s of thousands of hours to recordings to the next generation.