Review of Tablo at CNET

I just found a review that CNET did on the Tablo back in May. I left the following comments:

CNET - Firmware 2.2.3 is scheduled for July 2015, which will add
support for large drives. They have tested a 5 TB Seagate drive and it
works. Also to be fair, there is a Roku Preview Channel, which is a
private channel with a link at and the current released
version. Both will exist until the Roku Preview app = other viewing
options. The new firmware adds bulk delete, and the Roku Preview App
has a TV Guide like the ipad one. I am currently running 2.2.3 beta and
it is about ready to be released. This go around I discovered (and
others confirmed) a bug, but Tablo had it fixed in a couple of days.
Please consider doing another review after 2.2.3 firmware is released.


Tx Beastman! Old reviews are kind of a pain, especially given the progress we’ve made since.

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As an “older” person, one who can actually see beyond 3 weeks… things have been moving very rapidly. Let the flaming begin!!

The difference is night and day! I’m really excited that I found Tablo on Amazon and then the Newegg promo when I got it.

Thinking of getting the Foret stick since it has Tablo Connect so I can watch on vacation

Whats the Foret stick?

Phone problem. Meant Fire TV Stick.

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