Review my setup

Live on a mountaintop.One Lava HD-2605 antenna pointing east. One pointing south. I pick up stations 80 plus miles away. Many more stations than the signal websites say I should pick up. I combine the antenna signal , run it through a CM-7778 pre amp, then feed it to a block where it is then distributed to 10 or more coax cables in my house. I have about 7 TVs, 6 on which I have Rokus. My Tablo is next to the central block. I also have some small amp before the block.

Depending on the weather, each TV can pick up 70 stations. Problem is that some stations fade in and out. And they are stations for which I do not have an alternative. So I fail to record 10% of my recordings due to weak signal. I have one Quest, one Ion, one Decades, etc.

I have repointed antennae until I do not want to mess with any more. Do not want to eliminate one antenna so as strengthen the remaining ones. I am looking for hardware recommendations. Antennae are in an attic and will not be mounted outside. Setup has been working well for 3 and a half years. Just thought I would see if there is anything new out there.

Thanks for your ideas.

need more information…
are you using the antenna amp as well as the CM-7778 and your unnamed small amp
what is the total db of amplification in use
are your stations all distant, or are there some close and/or medium stations
given your description I would assume you have direct LOS to all of your channels- is that true
are the problematic channels UHF/ VHF Hi/ VHF Lo

I use Lava 8008 omni directional antenna so I don’t have to use multiple antenna, where I live the station towers are in 3 different direction and get them all. Why do you have to split the signal for 10 or more coax cable mine is just connected to the tablo and use streaming device to distribute the content to my 5 TV’s

Yes, I am using the antenna amp. All stations are distant. 70 miles or more. How does one know the DB?

Does one have LOS to a station 70 miles away? I will check on uhf vs vhf in a few days when I am home.

Sam, interesting layout you have. Antenna only goes to Tablo. Tablo is used for live TV. I will try that. And Omni vs directional. OK.

re: knowing the db-
just add up the db of amplification listed on each amplifier you are using

as far as LOS- that can be answered via a tvfool report in conjunction with eyeballing “is anything in the way”

an omnidirectional antenna will not be able to pick up signal as well as the directional antennae you are using now, they are best suited to an area such as mine where the broadcasters are in multiple directions but relatively close/ strong signals

I get it why you have to split your coax cable if you have 10 TV with ten different people that watch at the same time. If your going to use tablo for 10 TV at the same time with different cannels on them you will need more than one tablo because it only has four tuner. In my house we have 5 TV but only two people use TV at the same time.

Sam. Only have two people. Only have 7 TVs. Question is whether I would be happy using Tablo for live surfing.

Happy think if you only have two people you won’t have conflict watching live TV and you can rewind live TV. If your not happy just go back to the old set-up

Sam, OK. I ran Scan before changing my configuration. Had 66 channels 11 being brown for not good enough. This configuration was 2 antennae, then combined, then a 50-60 foot cable to bring to a central block which distributed to each TV and Tablo.

Now, I have my 2 antennae upstairs, then combined, then a 50-60 foot cable to bring it to my Tablo. Now I have 66 channels with 7 being brown. As an experiment I am surfing through Tablo. Will let you know how it goes. So far Picture quality is great.