Review - dual HDMI OTA DVR zero out of five

The product scores zero out of five. It arrived today, and It’s being returned tomorrow.

Installation was excessively difficult. I spent hours trying to get the mandatory software update to install. It would download, but never install. It took forty five minutes on the phone and a hardware reset to get that working.

Once it did finally download, install and reboot, it scanned for TV channels. The tuner section is so bad that it didn’t show PBS (17) at all. Other Buffalo channels that I can get easily with a $30 Homeworx box showed as not having a good enough signal to be worth receiving.

No PBS is a deal breaker, because it’s the station I watch for international news.

The support person informs me that the second remote I purchased is not eligible for return, but that she would try to see if she could get that policy changed.

I’ve spent money and wasted time trying to get this product to be as good as Amazon’s least cost option. It didn’t make the grade.

Thankfully there are other options out there and hopefully one of them will work for you.

It sounds like your experience was a lot more troublesome than most. I hope you can find a solution that works for you.

Do you have internet? The PBS app should have the international news you seek.

Sorry you had problems, Gord. I have had my Dual HDMI since it came out and it installed easily, updated easily, and operates flawlessly. It works fine for me, but maybe this is not the device for your particular setup.