Reverse Scrolling and resuming on legacy AppleTV app starts show over

Reverse Scrolling and resuming on legacy AppleTV app starts show over. When pausing a show for more than a few seconds, hitting resume on Apple TV remote restarts playback from beginning of recording activity on channel. Attempting to scroll forward or backward results in same response. For example, started watching at 5:41 PM on Channel 9. At 8:11 PM, paused a show to answer a phone call. Pressing the resume key on Apple TV remote started the playback at 5:41 PM. Scrubbing forward, we’re able to get to the vicinity of where we paused the program. Once we stopped fast-forwarding, the playback resumed at 5:41 PM. Fast forwarding again to the live playback and attempting to reverse to the time the program was paused also resulted in playback jumping to 5:41 PM. Exiting live and re-selecting the same channel starts at the live point. Attempting to reverse to the original pause point, only goes back to when channel was re-selected. I’ve got a dual tuner unit with firmware 2.2.42. I originally thought it was my Toshiba 1TB hard drive. I subsequently replaced it with a Kingston 1TB SSD, but that didn’t change the problem. It did make deleting programs much faster, though.
I’m sure I’m not the only person having this issue.

No answer to your issue, but I feel your pain. I see that kind of weird behavior regularly on two different legacy Tablo devices, at two different locations, using several different Apple TV boxes. It’s nice to know it’s not just me. The Legacy Tablo app for Apple TV still needs work, but I worry that we’re back burner customers now.

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