Returning a defective Tablo

I’ve had recurring tablo problems that are un acceptable. I need to return it to amazon i think. Will all my recordings remain on the hard drive if i replace the Tablo?

They’ll remain on the drive, but I suggest you check out one of the many download options available before shipping your Tablo.

I also strongly suggest you request access to beta program and give version 2.2.5 a try before giving up. It makes a world of difference.

2.2.5 is worse than 2.2.2 in my experience.

thanks guys. I can’t do anything because support is not helping me. I get one email a day from them but nothing other than that. I did find a phone number but they don’t answer or return calls. i’ve been on Amazon reading all the negatives. I should have read them before purchase. The “24 hour” windows tablo Support advertises is only a computer automated response and does not follow up with a serious attempt to fix a problem. I hope somesone sees this post before cutting the cord. My problem has existed off and on since july…
at what point will Tablo support say we can’t fix it so i can get a warranty replacement?

Being a beta build, I would expect that.

my Tablo is fixed!!! Thanks to David…in less than hour, he hooked me up!!! David know what he is doing for sure. thanks again, TABLO!


Who is David and can he help me fix mine? :stuck_out_tongue:

He likely could, but create a new thread with your issues, we’ll try to help. Support is closed until Monday.

Already did.