Retry keeps coming up

Seems like lately I’ve been getting the message to retry playback. Sometimes it’s at the start, but more often, it’s midway thru the show. Nothing has changed on my setup, just wondering if some sort of update/‘feature’ could be causing this? So far, when I do a retry, it normally picks right back where it stopped… Just kinda annoying.

What playback device? One, multiple, all?

All Fire TV’s, they all exhibit this behavior. I don’t have the fastest internet, but not the slowest either. And this has been happening over the last month or so. Before that, I rarely encountered any issues. Only running one at a time (most times) and it still occurs. I have the streaming setting at the recommended rate (720, IIRC).

No rhyme or reason to it, it’s playing fine and then all of a sudden drops to a problem screen and a retry.