Resume function does not work on remote connection

When I connect to Tablo on my Galaxy phone through remote, the recordings will always play from the beginning even if I select resume from where I left off. It works fine on the same phone once the phone is back on the home wifi network. Does any of you have the same problem too?

What is your remote streaming quality set to? If the RSQ on the phone is set to anything less than Full Quality the Tablo needs to transcode the video to the lower quality hence why it starts at the beginning.

Mine was set to 2mbps. So this means transcoding must start from beginning and there is no way to start transcoding from a specific position? Is that a limitation of transcoding in general, or just a limitation on the way Tablo implements the transcoding? Just curious if that’s something Tablo can potentially enhance in the future…

Likely a limitation of the way transcoding is done now. It always starts from the beginning. The transcoding likely does the entire recording to keep the video and audio in sync.

Try setting the RSQ to Full Quality and you’ll see it will resume at the proper position.


I found something really weird when I change quality to FULL. It seems that it will only play the first recording on the list, regardless of which episode I select on the page. When I switched back to something other than FULL, it will then play the correct episode I selected, granted that the resume does not work. I did switch back and forth twice to make sure it wasn’t my illusion, and the symptom was confirmed :slight_smile: Does anyone have this issue too?

No I use Full Quality with my Tablo remotely on an iPhone 6, iPad Air, Acer Android tablet, and Fire TV. Each devices always plays the correct episode. Set it the RSQ to FQ, disconnect from the Tablo, exit the app. Then re-open it.

Did some more testing and here’s what I found (when using the Full Quality setting):

If I click directly on the play button on the episode listing page (i.e. the right arrow on the far right of each episode), it will then start playing the first episode on the page regardless of which episode I choose. However, if I go to the detail of the episode first (by clicking on the row of the episode), and then click the Play/Resume button in the middle, then it will play the correct episode and resume correctly. Sounds like a bug in the android app, but it could also be specific to S7E only given that it’s the only model that has the green flashing with Tablo playback due to the recent Tmobile/Samsung update.

Please note: the issue of playing the incorrect episode does not happen on any settings other than Full Quality, even when I click directly on the play button on the far right.

Wanted to know if there is any update for this?

I resuming on a different quality setting supported yet?

Not at this time; the Tablo needs to re-transcode video sent remotely.