Resume from ff takes about 1 minute!

Saturday Jan 23, 2016

When resuming from ff it takes over 1 minute most of the time.

My configure is:
Roku 1
Tablo 2 latest fw
720 5mb. - I used to have a Roku/chrome option but it’s gone.
Good reception
Wireless in same room as router and has full bars

Is my old Roku too slow. Will it help going to the Roku 4?

Finally my ff has frames and everything else is finally working well together except the resume lag.

Appreciate any advice.

I have a Roku3 and used to use the Roku/chromecast setting but now the Tablo reports the 3 mpbs setting. Tablo did change the names a few release ago but I don’t remember when. So maybe their is too much bandwidth for your Roku1?

I do love the little pictures on the fast forward! Resuming on my roku3 after ff or rew is almost instantaneous - under a second, I would say.

Someone had posted (somewhere in this forum) how they had two wifi devices sitting beside each other and throughput went way up when they moved them apart. That might be an issue.

  1. Which Roku 1? Model 2710?
  2. The 720p Roku / Chromecast setting is now the 720p 3 Mbps setting. You can try going back to that.
  3. What firmware version is running on the Roku? Also when does your Roku report it was last updated? (I wonder if Roku pushed another new firmware that is causing you issues)
  4. What is the make and model of your router?

I had the same problem when I did the last update. I did reboot of the router, tablo and roku, and the problem was gone. I have a Roku 1 and 3. Now the Roku 3 takes 1 to 3 seconds to restart after a ff and the Roku 1 takes 3 to 5 seconds. Please take note that I had to do 3 complete reboots to correct the problem.

Thanks for looking deeper.

Roku Model: 2710X - Roku 1
sw ver: version 7.0 build 9044

Router: At&T Uverse Model 5031NV 5031NV-030
On the Roku network screen, on my iphone, ipad and laptop the signal is the strongest possible.

Current setting 720 5MB (recommended)

I tried moving to 720 3mb but the resume was equally long. However, I didn’t record at 3mb (i have no idea if that matters) but I need to head out right now and I will record something at 3mb and test the FF/Resume as soon as I return in a few hours.

Appreciate any insights – I thought that maybe my Roku is just aged so the possibility of not having to purchase something is really great:)

@sandre As a temporary test, just to rule the network in/out, you could try hardwiring both the Tablo and the Roku 1 (if it has an Ethernet port).

There is no ethernet port on this Roku 1 – just hdmi and w-r-y inputs for
non-hdmi connections. My test moving from 720 5mb to 720 3mb yielded approx 20
sec speed increase from over 1 minute for the resume loading from FF – still crazy and
unacceptably slow resume rate around 45seconds when resume after FF or RWD.

– S

Now it’s taking even longer!! Will Roku 4 fix this?

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From my testing and the reports of many forum mebers, Roku is probably the worst platform for Tablo overall performance (out of the set top boxes), though you would likely see some improvements over your current Roku setup by upgrading.

You would notice much greater performance gains (along with consistency) switching to Android TV, Fire TV, or the Apple TV when that app is released later this Spring.