Restoring deleted record


I made a big error when I tried to delete a season of a TV show, I realize after lauching the delete that this will delete they entire TV show not only the season I was on… so now I know. But fortunatly I have transfert all my data a few months ago on bigger drive. So I do have the recording on my spare drive a copy of the TV show that I had previously recorded. So using Paragon EXT software I was able to copy back the show that I erased on my running drive attached now to my Tablo. My question how do I make the index refresh so ;my Tablo will recognize the recorded files that I put back on the hard drive… I can see the folder on the drive when it is kooked up to my computer but the Tablo doesn’t see those added record… I try reboot with an without the hardrive plug no success… So any Idea how too refresh the index…


I believe that info is on the Tablo itself not the external drive, so… don’t think it can be done.



I found on the support that we can migrate hard drive that contain recorded data to a new Tablo or on a factory reset up running Tablo. It is mention that a new Tablo or a factory reset will build up the database from the hook up hardrive. The factory reset will be my last choice, hopping to find an easier way.

I don’t think it works like that. The data cascades down


the drive just has the stores the XXXX part referenced by the index. Those numbers may be specific to an episode, but I bet tablo doesn’t look to the the drive, but to the guide data for referencing/indexing.

There may still be ways to “export” the show from the drive if you know which numbers have your shows stored in.


Your approach seems good. There is certainly a file on the drive that contains the index info because Tablo support mention that we can migrate and existing hard drive use on a previous tablo and hook it up to a new Tablo out of the box or factory reset and it will build his indexed from the connected hard drive ???

If you have used tablo for a long time you have probably have seen times in the past where the internal database of recordings didn’t match the actual recordings on disk.

This often resulted in “lost” recordings that were actual on the disk. Tablo support would connect in and run their script to scrub the differences.

They also had releases where the scrubbing was done as part of the nightly guide update.

I thought support talked as if this was going to be a permanent maintenance event. I guess not.


I am looking right now at my old drive on which I have found my TV show series… The structure is simple
a folder name rec that contains all the recorded directory named by number under which you can find the segs and a meta file that contains the descriptive of the reccoding… I thiink that on the first hook of the hard dirve to a new the tablo they scan all the records and they make an index list of all thati is on the hard drive. But I think this scan only occured at a first start up on a new box. or as part of a maintenance like you mentiion. I don’t think there is a way to initiate this scan other than a factory reset.

This is not what you’re asking, it’s a possible work-around, if you really just want the show and wish to avoid a factory reset. I tweaked this script (you can use it standalone from the command line) Instead of avconv use ffmpeg, the settings have worked as is. You’ll need to know your tablo’s IP and the “number” of the directory the show is in. Substitute that for $1 and provide the actual name for $2. Note, this works while connected to the tablo, not via your pc!

Again, I understand this is not what you’re asking for. A factory reset may provide you a re-indexed listing which may make it worth rescheduling everything after scanning channels. Sometimes a fresh start saves aggravation of trying to get it to work and it not cooperating. It’s just a possible option.
good luck


Zippy you were right, last night the record folders that I had manual transfered to my Tablo hard drive were wipe out, maybe because they were not part of the index list…??? It would be a nice feature if we have an option for undeleting recording as far as they are still available on the drive… mostly like windows trash can…So at least I was able to transfert from my old Tablo Hard drive the recording to my NAS hard drived so I can access them . I was lucky to have a copy of those recording.

The original problem was orphaned recordings filling up the disk. There was no way to delete them since they weren’t associated to a recording index.

Maybe some day a trash bin may be implemented.

The problem is how many other DVR products have this feature and how many other features that the competition has need to be implemented first.

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