Restart Button

I guess I’m all about buttons for suggestions.  :-D

Not that it would ever need to, but could there be a button/link to restart the unit?  This would make me feel more comfortable than just pulling the cable and plugging it back in.   Probably safer for the hard drive too.

There is a button on it already.  It’s right between the power cord and the ethernet port.  One click is a reset (I used it today to get the firmware update).  It can also be used to completely reset the unit too (see the manual).

I’m guessing Adam is looking for a reset button in the Settings section of the user interface. I’d like that too.

Ha, as soon as I posted I saw the instructions to force the update.

@jmichell yeah, I was thinking more on the software side.

Interesting… Not something we’ve considered since there’s a reset button on the box… But I guess if you had your Tablo in the attic, climbing up there to hit the reset button would kind of suck… 

FYI - There’s a few different types of reset on the Tablo:

I need to learn to read instructions…  ~X(

Being able to reset via the web interface or iPad/Android app would help for exactly the reason you state.   Our Tablo is upstairs, not in an attic, so it’s not really a hassle.   But those that potentially put it in an attic or maybe someplace hidden in a deep cave in the basement, it would be convienent.  

Keep in mind that some of us such as myself don’t just have the Tablo in the attic, mine is permanently installed a couple thousand miles away! Hence pressing the button on the back requires a three hour plane ride! A software test button would definitely be a good enhancement.

@YYC_TV - So true! Although crawling in the attic and a 3 hour plane ride are both likely to leave you cramped and sweaty  :))

Bump on this. With upnp being as unstable as it is, restarting the tablo when travelling is a necessity. Until upnp is reliable this really should be added.

@Benjamin_Poiesz, let’s just say there is a reset button on the app. You are travelling, and you can’t connect to your Tablo via TabloConnect. What good is the reset button in that scenario, since you can’t connect to your Tablo to use it?

Upnp is as reliable as it is going to get. I would seriously doubt Tablo can do anything to make it better. It is excellent for me.

A software reset button certainly is a good idea for home use (like the attic scenario), but it is complete useless in a remote scenario with TabloConnect the way it is. If TabloConnect does go away from the paired device concept, then the button would have some use for remote use.

If UPnP does not work well for you then disable the UPnP on your router. Then,

  1. Assign an IP to your Tablo using DHCP Reservation on your router. This will results in the Tablo always being assigned the same IP address, kind of like a static IP.
  2. Manually set up the port forwarding, it is only 3 ports.

This is how I have mine configured (I have a cheap $20 router that the Tablo is connected to) and I have never had issues with Tablo Connect not working for the past year.