(Resolved) Tablo Server Outage - May 29, 2024

We are currently experiencing a server outage affecting 4th-generation Tablo devices.

Our team is investigating with a high priority.

We do not currently have an estimated time for a fix, but we will share updates as soon as we have any.

UPDATE - 2: 30 p.m. ET - Everything looks to be back to normal. Thanks for your patience.

I have a gen 4 two tuner model, connected via wifi and use the android app for a Hisense Google TV and an android phone.

The Tablo is connected with -60 dbm signal strength. I am streaming ion Plus on the Google TV and the main menu loads successfully when I leave the program. However, the guide will not load on the TV and it will not load on my phone.

I upgraded to the newest version of the app for both the phone and TV (1.1.6) and the guide still will not load.

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Same here. Tablo gen4 was flakey all day yesterday. Lots of freezing in live tv, guide not loading, etc. Worked perfectly all morning today. Just did new firestick update and now guide will not load at all and is completely unusable. And yes have rebooted everything again.

Again, same here. Won’t load guide data on either Firestick or Iphone app. You would think by now this device would at least be reliable after all this time.

Same thing here. Started around noon, EDT.

Hi folks, we’re currently experiencing a server issue and are working as fast as possible to get everything back online. We greatly appreciate your patience.

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Shouldn’t the first question be is the firetv stick app totally dependent on the tablo servers. And if so why. Why isn’t the guide for my OTA channels stored on my tablo unit and totally independent of any central servers.

My roku works and my firetv stick doesn’t. Does the firetv stick login to central servers and my roku doesn’t. And if so what kind of architecture is that.


You would think a good workaround would be a way to just select a channel without using the guide. Currently the guide keeps me from using the Tablo for live TV. I record the news at noon and I am able to watch the recording that started a few minutes ago, but it is covered up with a big box that says Unknown Error - call blah blah blah

Is there a way to get an automated message or text message from Tablo Support announcing these outages? I checked the Community page but there was nothing from support announcing the outage. I did the basic troubleshooting and still no fix for the problem or update.

I then started to call support and now there is an update saying Tablo TV is experiencing an issue.

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My guide is working again. Thanks.

I’m now getting “A playback error occurred”.

Stay tuned

I’m still getting this message on stations that are normally received without a problem. This is NOT a weak signal message.

The Roku app is generating “Channel Not Found” and “Playback Error” messages when trying to open a previously working live channel.

@Trainman Can you try rebooting your Tablo?

Seems just as much the servers as your actual Tablo device.