Resize recording with Tablo ripper postprocessing in powershell

I have an issue with Tablo ripper running my ps1 script. The script works perfectly when executed from the powershell command line. But it fails when run by Tablo Ripper.
Any idea on how to fix this.
---- LOGS ----
4/23/2023 9:42:08 PM Running as user: E:\TabloTV\scripts\reduceFileSize.ps1 “E:\TabloTV\CityNews Tonight Montreal - s2023e0418 - 2023-04-18 230000 - ch62.1.mp4” in C:\Program Files\TabloRipper
4/23/2023 9:42:08 PM Exception: The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform.
---- SCRIPT ITSELF -----
$filename = (Get-Item $filePath ).Basename
$extension = (Get-Item $filePath ).Extension
$folder = (Get-Item $filePath ).DirectoryName + “\”
$newFilename = $filename + “-light” + $extension
D:\ffmpeg\4.3.2\bin\ffmpeg.exe -i $folder$filename$extension -b:V 800k $folder$newFilename$extension

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