Resetting dilemma

Hey Tablo, why must i have to hit the reset button practically every day in order to access you via Roku express??
I have the dual lite, wifi connected (please don’t tell me to LAN connect). I have very good WiFi signal.
I like everything else about the device, but its a pain to walk over and hit that button, sometimes twice a day to get it to connect.

Have you tried contacting Tablo Support? They can check internal logs on your Tablo to possibly identify your problem.

I would not advise using a Roku Express with the Tablo. That device only supports single-band Wireless N (as opposed to dual-band AC or AX). I have used many Roku devices with the Tablo, and that is the only one that has given me so many issues.

The streaming sticks work well, and the Premiums/Ultras are always good.

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Thanks for bringing the Express model issue up…guess I’ll deal with it until replacement time.

This is the site tablo recommends to try before opening a ticket…This community has been a great help in the past…sometime direct help from Tablo can be a waste of time.

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I don’t have any problem with a Express.