Reset Tablo Connect Remotely?

So, I’m 150 miles from my Tablo, having setup Tablo Connect and using it for days, maybe weeks, and suddenly I can no longer connect. Of course, I can head back home and reset via, but I would hope to be able to do so remotely.

Is there a way?

Only if you have a VPN server on your home network.


I think the problem is that if the router gets reset for any reason it loses track of the external port number used for port forwarding. It seems that with UPnP Tablo Connect should automatically re-establish the connection but it doesn’t.

The solution to prevent it from happening again is to turn off UPnP, set up a static ip address for the Tablo and manually configure port forwarding.

Could be something like an expired Auth token too. I’ve even had my Tablo just lock up for no apparent reason. If I were going to be out of town for an extended time and wanted access I would have a VPN and a smart outlet on the Tablo power supply.

Thanks, all. It appears that these responses are directed toward avoiding lock-up or resetting of router, but none address the very simple question of whether or not I can reset TABLO (not the router) remotely.

So, for starters, I’m hoping to get a simple “yes” or “no.” If yes, then the next question is how to go about this. If no, then I would move toward the solutions provided thus far.

In the end, I suspect there will always be a myriad of reasons as to why the router and/or the Tablo device locks up or resets itself…no matter what we do to prevent it.

Again, many thanks to all for the responses thus far!!!

As FlyingDiver had posted it can’t be done remotely.

One thing you could try is using a different app to connect. I had a case where I couldn’t connect with the Web app but could with the phone app. I’m not sure what was going on with that, perhaps I just hadn’t set it up correctly. I’m guessing that your problem is with the port forwarding and that can’t be fixed remotely.

I answered your question.


Thanks, FlyingDiver. No offense intended in my previous response. :smiley:

Let me clarify further. If the issue were one of port forwarding, I would assume that I would NEVER be able to connect. Do you agree? The fact that I can connect and remain connected for weeks on each, rules out, at least in my mind, port forwarding as the problem.

In order to resolve the remote connection problem, I have physically returned to location where my Tablo lives, opened up the app on my PC using, selected Settings, and then, under Tablo Connect, unchecked and then re-checked the box alongside “Remote Access”.

Since this seems to work consistently every time, I was hoping that I could follow the same procedure but doing so remotely. However, since my PC is remote, and thus NOT on the same wifi as the Tablo, I am unable to connect and reset Make sense?

Full disclosure–I am usually using the Tablo app on an Amazon Firestick when connecting remotely to the Tablo; and, occasionally connect via an Android tablet.

As I said, the answer is to put a VPN server somewhere on the network the Tablo is on. Then your (remote) PC can connect to that VPN and re-enable Tablo Connect.

And I do mean a VPN server. Not a VPN client. You can run a VPN server on an always-on computer or some routers or some NAS devices or even an rPi.


You can find previous posts about the issue with the recommendation to configure port forwarding manually. It does fail after working for some time. For me cycling the router power can cause it to fail. I think the router loses the external port number that had been established. I think with UPnP the Tablo should be able to re-establish the configuration but is doesn’t.

My Tablo is over 1,000 miles away at a seasonal home. It’s hardwired to my router. The Tablo and Router are plugged into a UPS to eliminate power blip problems and short outages. I can perform a remote reset on the router with the unit’s management software. To power-reset the Tablo, I also have it plugged into an Amazon smart plug which I can control remotely. This setup gives me reliable remote connection to the Tablo for the 5-6 months we are at our other residence.