Reservation IP causing failures

Ever since reserving the IP for the Tablo as I have seen mentioned on these forums as a good idea, mine needs numerous reboots, recordings fail, get the blue spinning circle. Before that I had a months trouble free operation. I just released the IP and the blue circle is gone and I can watch TV. My question, what or how does reserving a IP do for the Tablo?

Did you reset or restart your router since you assigned the IP? I had similar problems until I restarted my router and my Tablo. Turns out another device on the network was requesting the IP address (via the network card setting) that I reserved for the Tablo.

Upon restarting, I got a set of error messages alerting me to the attempt to double assign an IP address.


Yes restarted the router when I assigned the IP. Everything worked well for a day? before it started going wonky on me. Since putting it back the way it was, watching live tv, streaming Netflix, watching recording without issues.

Was just wondering if there is some purpose served that makes a assigned IP better than a renewing one before I mess up a good thing again. :slight_smile:

I use reserved IPs without any problem… have you updated your routers firmware recently? perhaps its got a bug.

Have not updated since I got the router 2-3 months ago. Just checked and it has the latest firmware available for it.Since it worked fine for a day before issues started happening, I’m guessing it has something to do with the IP I reserved was also assigned to another unit.

Is there a advantage to having a reserved IP? If none really, I will just leave well enough alone.

If you use Tablo Connect (remote access), you will want to reserve an IP address. If you don’t, you might lose your remote connection if the IP changes.

If you aren’t using Tablo Connect, then you are fine without a reserved address. It still is strange that you are having issues considering that most people here likely do have a reserved address.

Thanks for that info. No plans at present to use Connect, but will probably try again to reserve a IP for it just for my own satisfaction if nothing else, most everything on my network is reserved.

I discovered I needed to have the device I was reserving an IP addressed powered off, then restart the router, then restart the device.

If the device was left on during the reservation process the reserved IP address would not always “Stick”, especially if another device was using the IP address at the time the reservation was made.

Starting the router with the device unpowered forces the router to reserve the address. Then when the device powers up it will receive the proper IP address.

Also make certain the MAC address of the device is 100% correct in the router settings. There is no margin for error if you want the router to sync the IP address with the device.

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You might also want to check that your router is accepting the IP Reservation request. This weekend I tried to add another device to my TP-Link Archer C7 router and discovered that the address space for reserved IPs is relatively small. Once it is full, no further addresses are accepted.

Have the same model router, good info to know. I reserved a new address last night, so far no issues

I didn’t realize there was a limit on address reservation slots on the Archer C7… anyone know what the limit is?

Perhaps the DHCP range was set too narrow, which could limit the IP reservation range? If so then perhaps the DHCP range could be expanded.

Not speaking gospel; just thinking out loud.

Very interesting - please let us know how this turns out.

I received an error message when I entered the 33rd reservation that the reservation table was full. My dynamic IP range covers to 239, so I have plenty of space left, and guests can still connect to the router with out problems.

It’s been 24 hours since I reserved a new IP. Have not had any issues, have to presume my first attempt I assigned the wrong IP or had to on the same IP. Will continue to monitor.

Update. Had a power outage during the night, and cable internet service was interrupted also. When everything was back up Tablo had a new MAC address and IP but everything still functioned correctly. I had noticed the two different MAC addresses before, presumed from other posts that it was one for the WiFi and 1 For the cabled connection. I use a wired connection although when first set up I did try WiFi.

Yes the Tablo shouldn’t have different MAC addresses. The Ethernet port has a unique address and the WiFi has another unique address.

Are you connected via Ethernet directly to your router?

Yes it is a direct connection. Did try WiFi when I first set it up a month ago, but experienced constant buffering so ran a cable about 60 feet to go direct to router.

the first thing to remember is that your reserved ip has to be in the range of DHCP ips.
an one thing that hasn’t been mentioned here is that no two CONNECTED AND ACTIVE devices can have the same reserved ip.
dhcp reservation is based on the mac address. you can assign a single ip to both the WIRED and WIRELESS mac address so long as ONE or THE OTHER IS ACTIVE BUT NOT BOTH.

as far as i know, the tablo’s wireless connection becomes inactive when you plug in the ethernet cable with an active connection (but i’m not sure). to be safe, assign different ips to both the wired and wireless mac address.

the other possibility is that the ip address you assigned to the tablo was previously (or still is, and you don’t know it) assigned to another device. make sure that the other device is assigned another unassigned ip on the router. you may have to power cycle the router for the changes to take affect, but this is router dependent. not all routers need to be power cycled for the changes to take affect.

but then you also have to power cycle the client devices for them to acquire the newly assigned ips.
for example, if device A (and this device is currently up and running) was assigned the reserved ip of 111 and i change it on the router to 112, i have to power cycle device A for it to acquire ip 112. not power cycling it will keep its 111 ip.