Researching the Tablo Dual OTA

Hey guys,

I have U-Verse currently, and I’m trying to find a way to cut the cord without sacrificing too much. For non-OTA, I’m trying out PS Vue with Roku Express. For OTA, I’m still researching options.

Presuming I make the move away from the Death Star, I would watch very few shows OTA - mostly live sports that I can’t get through Vue. One of the features that my rather slow and ugly Death Star DVR has provided since day one, several years ago - a feature which the lack thereof would be very unfortunate - is the ability to watch/fast-forward/rewind/pause a live TV program while that same program is being recorded. That way, I can let the game record for, say, a half-hour, then be able to start watching it, fast-forwarding through the commercials and talking heads as I come upon them. The lack of this feature is an annoying downside of Vue that I’ve discovered, incidentally, and it may be a showstopper for other members of my family; apparently, we don’t pay so much for Death Star TV that the lack of such a feature in a less expensive alternative wouldn’t be a big deal for them.

So, my questions are:

  1. Does the Dual exhibit this same annoyance?
  2. If so, what’s the timeline (if any) for fixing it?

Thank you for your time.

You can definitely watch in progress recordings on the Tablo.

However, you will not have the FF preview thumbnails. FF preview thumbnails are only generated after a recording is completed.

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Yes, Tablo does allow you to watch/pause/rewind/fast-forward programs while they are recording.

I’m confused about why you say PSVue lacks this, I do this all the time with PSVue.

On Vue (via Roku Express), when I opened a live program in progress that I had put in My Shows earlier, and I attempted to rewind to the beginning, it wouldn’t let me do so; it would only let me rewind to the time that I started watching. Once the program finished recording, I could then go back into My Shows, open the program, and go to the beginning.

I use Fire TV with PSVue, so I am not sure if it works the same with Roku.

But, did you start the program from ‘My Shows’? How you initiate the program makes a difference. If you go to the ‘My Shows’ menu & click on a show that is in progress, it should give you the option of starting from the beginning or to join live in progress.

If you start a show from the guide or from the Live TV menu it will simple tune into the live stream. To use the DVR functionality for shows you have set to ‘My Shows’ you must initiate them from that menu.

I figured it would auto-detect that it’s in My Shows, then switch to using that. Even U-Verse will do that (well, a similar thing). I’ll try explicitly going to My Shows first.

As I said, I don’t use Roku but that should work for you.

PSVue’s DVR has its quirks, but it has improved dramatically over the last year & a half. When I first started using PSVue it wouldn’t extend live events, thus it would cut off the end of live games & in many cases it wouldn’t record the live game at all but instead it would record a later run replay of it. It has improved dramatically & I can’t remember the last time I didn’t get a game I wanted &/or that wasn’t extended to capture the end of the game.

That is the normal behavior.