Rescan not picking up tablo

my tablo is connected via ethernet cable.  my rokus and 2 other laptops can connect to it.  however, my new laptop does not. when i go to (web app) i don’t see tablo listed. even a re-scan does not pick it up.  Do i need to disable kaspersky?

Try Chrome browser. And disable your firewall.

@jsahaj If you’re referring to a VPN, then yes - you’d need to disable it.

tablo recently updated their html level and probably When using chrome and a pc the connect button is gone and only a re-scan and add wifi remain. The name of your tablo is in the center. But since it is usually named tablo it is confusing.  When you click on the tablo name both a edit wifi and a connect button appear.

@zippy You have to click on the Tablo you wish to connect to, then you will see the connect button

@zippy, as an example:

This is incorrect before the update two days ago. I have a single 2 tuner tablo. The connect appeared on the initial page display. Now I have to click the table name line to obtain both a connect and edit  WIFI  button.

And after the html update two days ago, once you logon the the menu scroll bar doesn't come into focus. I have 2 PC computers. One with quad CPU and a 25 inch monitor and an old one with 17 inch monitor. On the 17 inch monitor you  need the scroll bar on the menu screen to reach the disconnect button. But that doesn't come into focus after the update.


@zippy, maybe a screenshot of what you are talking about might help.

@zippy Definitely take a screenshot if you can - we haven’t heard of or seen anything like this on our end.