Rescan chnannels to add new ones

It brings back those removed and you might not get one you have now. The .2, 3, etc are not added automatically either.

Yep, I should have known better, but curiosity got the best of me. I rescanned.

I figured I would open up the list in one window so I can see which ones I had unselected there, then scan in another browser window. NO LUCK! As soon as I hit scan, the other window cleared and started adding in the channels as it scanned.

I quickly pulled it up in my iPhone app and it still had the former selections there.

Once the scan completed, I went through and reselected the subchannels I wanted. There were a couple new ones added. But I lost 10 subchannels. Bummed.

Tablo really should improve the “rescan” process so that it’s not destructive.

When did you ladt rescan prior to this one? Try moving the antenna a fraction of an inch or put on angel and rescan again. If you originally scanned and was heavy fog you could have gotten out of market stations, like I get Houston anf am in Austin.
You mist likely couldn’t watch the stations you lost.

Last scan was several months ago, when I got the Tablo. I’ll have to look to figure out more details about the stations removed. Sadly, even though I’ve lived here for about 20 years, I’m not that familiar with the channels. I just don’t watch much live TV, so I’ve never learned them. :wink:

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Im sort of confused on this conversation. I agree, the rescan should not be destructive, you should be able to rescan and JUST add to your list if you choose, I fight this issue anytime I want to add new sub channels to my parents Tablo… One channel they really want works perfectly about 80% of the time but I seem to choose the wrong time to check for new channels almost every time…

But therein lies my confusion, I go to their house, I hit re-scan, and as long as I don’t hit “Add to Guide” after the re-scan is complete, no changes are made to my active list.

So even if it picks up new recently added sub channels, if I chose the wrong time of day and am missing that one hard to get channel, I simply don’t hit add to guide, I just close it out and no changes. Come back later, re-scan, get the new sub channels AND that one slightly elusive on, THEN I click add to guide…

It’s a pain, but workable.