Rescan - Channel on Tablo, but not on television?

My antenna runs to a splitter, one feeds to my Tablo and the other runs directly to a television.

The other night, while watching the live television (which I rarely do), I was changing channels and noticed the local NBC affiliate wasn’t in the television line up (NBC Connecticut, if anyone is interested.). I figured it just needed a re-scan, but no luck. Since it was late, I left it alone and went to bed. Subsequent attempts to re-scan the television have also failed to return the channel to the television lineup.

Now, here’s the strange part, when I noticed it missing from the television, I hopped onto my Tablo, assuming that the channel would have dropped from there as well. (I wanted to see what recordings might be impacted in the meantime.) Much to my surprise, the channel was (and still is) on the Tablo and I seem to have been recording things just fine over the last few days.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?
It seems to be more of a television issue than Tablo, but I figured I would ask around here before expanding my search online.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

There can be several reasons for the failure. First thing I would do is switch the cables (TV & Tablo) to see if the problem is solved on the TV (unplug from Tablo, plug into TV, and vice-versa).

If that doesn’t solve the problem, make sure that the tuner is set properly on the TV (over the air digital for input), and try a rescan.

The tuner for the TV may not be as sensitive as the Tablo - what is the signal strength on the Tablo?

Thanks for the suggestions.
By the time I had any free time to experiment with solutions, I decided to start with another re-scan. (You can probably guess what happened…)
It turns out I wasn’t the only person in my general area to have the issue.
My guess is that the were station or broadcaster antenna issues in the area that have since been resolved.

Thanks again for the feedback.