Rerun season in need of content

Good morning all,

It is now the longest day of the year and my Tablo has absolutely nothing scheduled for recording. I find this very distressing. I think the company behind this device should do something about it. All the big companies are getting into producing their own content, Apple is starting, Google has some weirdness I’m ignoring, Amazon has Prime, Netflix start it all.

So, we need a Nyuvvo (is that how you spell it) produced show exclusively for Tablo owners.

It’s a small company so I’m thinking something easy. How about a reality show? Something to do with working in a small tech start-up? You could grab all the security camera footage, splice it together randomly, add some background music and a laugh track. Get the more artistic members of staff to create an opening theme. And there you go, your very first show.

Start easy, one show a month. Just enough so I don’t feel the hardware is sitting there doing nothing all summer.


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As much as this sounds like fun, and we think we’re actually a pretty entertaining bunch…

(… for example, we like to stir up drama by asking the dev team whether they prefer spaces vs. tabs…)

We’ve got a few other things on the go at the moment, including apparently finding a corporate company name that can be pronounced and spelled.

You mean I spelled it wrong? Is it even a word? What does the company name actually mean? Ya okay, I totally misspelled it but I still don’t think it’s a word.

I read it as a miss spelling of Neuvo (Spanish for new) and Tableau (French for board).

You are indeed correct that it’s not an actual word, so don’t be trying to use it in Scrabble.

And you’re close with the Spanish thing…

It’s a cross between ‘arroyo’ which is stream in Spanish and ‘new video’.

You can live stream on Twitch.
Show us how you type, and click.
Damn it, we want to see you move.

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I tend to over record when shows are in season, and since there’s far too much to watch, I save several shows to have something to watch during summer hiatus. The 4 tuner Tablo is well suited to that.

I recently finished Legends of Tomorrow, and have one more episode of Prison Break to finish off. Also have a whole season of American Crime waiting, as well as most of Houdini and Doyle, Notorious, and a couple of seasons of Twilight Zone, which I noticed airing when Season 1 Episode 8 was on.

Couple with a few OTT services, I’m not hurting for stuff to watch. Just finished House of Cards, and nearly finished Orange is the New Black.

It’s not about something to watch. I have more to watch than I have time. It’s about having something to record. An empty Scheduled list is a sad list.

Dance monkey Dance! Lolz