Requesting a small change in how guide data is displayed

In some instances, the symbol indicating that a show will be recorded might not be displayed if the end time of a scheduled recording is not displayed in the guide data. If that symbol could be moved to be on the starting edge of a program, it will be really helpful. This is especially needed for the longer recordings, such as a 3-hour NFL recording.

Perhaps this simple picture is more clear than my words. Note that in the first screenshot, “Wisdom of the Crowd” (NBC 11-1 @7:00 pm) does not appear to be scheduled. In the second screenshot, it is apparent that it is scheduled for recording.
Image 1:

Image 2:

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Good idea

I also agree !

Great idea. Or make it context sensitive (ie. show it at the start if the end is not showing, show it at the end if the start isn’t showing). Or just highlight the whole bar to make it clear what is recording and what is not – and give an idea of what overlaps may exist in a glanceable view.

Or simply make the text of the show orange.

This is a great idea. I think the easiest solution is sometimes the best, just move it to display on the left instead of the right. Problem solved.

Here are three ways to determine if it’s scheduled to be recorded on a Roku:

  1. Go into the Scheduled menu and filter by coming soon

  2. You notice that Wisdom of the Crowd doesn’t have the orange record indicator. You highlight the show and it appears at the top of the screen and indicates that it’s to be recorded.

  3. Move the slider to the right.

Hi folks -

We’re working on some UI design changes for many of our apps including moving to an ‘underline’ to show airings that are to be (or being) recorded in the live TV grid vs. a flag.

I don’t have specific ETAs for this, but these little things are definitely on our list to address!

One would hope that if tablo is making UI app design changes, that before introducing any new features, they would ensure that all apps contain the same features and that these features work consistently across all apps.

We’re also hard at work on that.

Thanks and appreciate the feedback.

Here is one item that doesn’t seem to be consistent.

Assume you use the WEB app (because the non-WEB apps displayed inconsistent/incorrect data for a number on releases).

  1. If you have an original unit and a 1 gig disk and zero recordings, on the setting page in the area where the hard drive information appears, it indicates above the used space indicator 1000 GB and on the right 984.48. Available 984.48. If you record 50 episodes and delete them all it still reports available as 984.48.

  2. For a new model dual using the internal disk - fresh install - the same information is 64 GB - 58.78 and 58.71 available. Now one would think that any tester would say wow that’s strange.