Requested signature for device from post office

Ordered this device in mid-November, 2023. Tablo requested a signature for the device shipped by the post office. I work 6 days a week from 7am-5pm, and am unavailable to sign for it, or go to the post office to pick it up. Yep, Tablo, I’m one of these weirdos with a job that’s not greeting the postman at my door every day with milk and cookies. Also, cannot get them on the phone to talk about how to resolve this, or cancel my order and get a refund. Total BS! Called the support line, and it said it would be around 13-14 minute hold to talk to a rep. - an hour later, and still no one picks up. No doubt they’ll respond with “getting a higher than normal call volume” that makes you even more po’d. Bad experience. I wish I had read these poor reviews on here first. Likely, I’ve wasted my money, and time.

I digitally signed for my Tablo order on so I didn’t have to be there when it was delivered.