Replay takes too long to start. HDD problem or Tablo?

Tablo Quad HDMI. On some TV shows playback spins continually. If I return to Recordings, then try again, sometimes it starts right away, sometimes it spins again, and sooner or later going back and forth, it plays back. Also, sometimes if I FF and Rew a few times, it start playback without the foolishness.

WD Hard drive 1.5 TB, 4 years old. Worked perfectly as external USB on different computers,

I’m open for suggestions on if any external SSDs are quieter/better and very dependable. I use Seagate Iron Wolf Pros on my NAS drives. They aren’t noisy but SSDs are quieter.

Try playing back live TV without the drive attached and see if you see issues as well. That might help isolate whether it’s a drive problem.

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How are you viewing the Tablo? I have similar issues using Android TV. Roku, IPhone, PC, and Android phones all work much better than Android TV.

Never any problems with live TV. Thanks…

Viewing via HDMI direct. No streaming devices involved. Thanks…

I was asking because Live TV is one of the things you can do without having the drive attached (since playing back would be from the drive and recording would be to the drive). See this reply in another thread…

So it sounds like it may be your drive.

Thanks all. I will try another HD. Looking for suggestions if SSDs work well.

I bought one of the ones on the site that Tablo recommended for my Quad HDMI. I got this WD model with 5Tb for about $100. No problems, seems fast.

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