Replacing Tablo QUAD HD with a larger HD

I want to put an new HD in my Tablo QUAD. Can I copy recorded shows to the new HD.

There are lots of posts on this topic; the short answer is that you can’t do this on the Tablo itself, but you can, not supported by Tablo, by attaching it to a computer with the appropriate support for the EXT4 file system, and copying over the files to the new drive. There is a specific process you must follow to do this, which involves saving the in memory program database to the hard drive.

I agree with @billm, just search the forum. I might suggest you start with following topic.

Check out the 6th post on this topic for a step-by-step process.

Important step, I believe they all mention, is to allow the tablo to first format the new drive - then copy.
It may seem more of a hassle with an internal drive - but necessary. Unless you’re using a cloning process of course.

If you’re lacking hardware to swap around internal drives there is a backup script. - Backup all recorded shows from a Tablo You could use that to backup your “old” drive and restore it to your “new” drive.