Replaced Tablo unit still showing on Network

I purchased a used TABLO from Amazon because it was dirt cheap. Small story short I had to replace it with a new one. The old one was named TABLOB and the new one was just TABLO. I removed the old one from my online tablo account but it still shows up on every device. I tried to remove from browsers as well but when I do a setup via, even on a NEW computer that never had tablo synched to it it still shows both tablo’s. Even in TABLORIPPER even the old one still shows up and it causes problems with my VLC-TABLO plugin as well. Can someone please help me. It’s driving me crazy and I am sure that is the reason why one of my computers still will not connect to the new tablo (get’s stuck on connecting).

Can this have something to do with my using the same hard drive from the old tablo? I purchased a NEW hard drive when I got TABLOB and used that same hard drive on the new TABLO. When I ran the setup on the new tablo it did not ask to format the drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!!

@TabloTV please help!!

Reboot your router.

I have run multiple Tablos on my network, and if the 2nd Tablo is disconnected from the network and powered off it still shows up because it is listed as a client on the DHCP Client List on your router.

Rebooting the router will clear the list and only currently powered devices will be assigned an IP and thus be on the list. Then it no longer shows up when you go to

In addition to rebooting your router, edit the setup for static dhcp for the new Tablo. It should have a different MAC address.

There is no mention that he did this on his router. Let’s not confuse the man more lol

You and I both know you should have a static ip on Tablo, and if he’s read the forum he did it too. I think it would still show up and just say not connected. Need to try at home and see.

@theuser86 and @beastman do you mean that on my router I should assign a static ip to my tablo unit or is there a way to do that on the tablo?? I have rebooted my router and the old tablo does not show up in connected devices but still shows up on every device that was initially setup with the old tablo. Even on a refreshed pc that was never connected to the old one.

Thank you two for your help. It’s much appreciated.

Yes you need to manually remove the old Tablo from each device. For example on the computer in Chrome, you can hit the X button to delete the old Tablo from the listing of multiple Tablos.

I do not have a DHCP Resevartion confirmed for my Tablo on my router and everything works fine. This setting is only available on the router, not the Tablo (to answer the OP’s question).

You need to clear the cache in each browser that you have used with Tablo on each device.

There is no way to set a static ip on the Tablo, it needs to be done by DHCP reservation and helps avoid other problems if connected with remotely or WiFi.

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@beastman @theuser86 finally got it all cleared out. Thank you two for your help!!!

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