Replaced device help

I decide to change from the dual to the quad (no internal storage, no HDMI). Even though I have only owned the dual for a few days, I’m forced to buy the subscription. That’s OK. I was going to anyway. My questions.

  1. Can I propagate the channel selection, settings to the new Tablo?

  2. If I use the reset button to allow me to format the drive, will I have to set up the device again, new scan and channel deletion, recording programming?

  3. What is the 14 day live grid (beta)? How is it different from the 14 day grid that comes with the subscription?

If you have only had the Tablo for a few days before switching, it is just a lot easier to start from scratch. Format the drive, do a channel scan, and set up your recording schedule.

The “14 day live grid (beta)” refers to the Live TV tab on the Tablo. The default is a 24 hour grid, but several devices now support a 14 day grid. All Tablos with a subscription get 14 days of guide data that is reflected when using the other tabs like “Prime Time”, “Tv Shows”, “Sports”, etc.

I hope this helps!

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I tried enabling the 14 day grid but my grid loads slowly every time I start the app. I think I can live without 14 days but using the thumbnails. Thanks.

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