Repeat Manual Recording Missed First Showing

I am a new Tablo user with a dual lite past the 30 day trial subscription, trying to see if it meets my needs without that service. I setup a schedule to record weekly 10 pm news and keep 10 recordings, I did this from the live view at approximately 6pm. For whatever reason, there was no recording for the day I scheduled but the next day was recorded and so on. I also did the same thing with Saturday Night Live trying to setup a repeating Saturday recording but the first instance didn’t record but future instances are scheduled.

Is there some reason why that first manual event doesn’t record?

Thanks for any help, Matt

Hi Matt -

Sorry to hear you’re running into this. It’s a bug we’ve fixed on many platforms, but not the web app yet. Is that what you used to schedule the recordings?

If you check the scheduled episodes after you create the schedule it will show the upcoming scheduled recordings accurately. If you schedule a recording after 6pm MT (12 am UTC), it should show the current day’s episode missing.

Scheduling a recurring manual recording on any other platform should grab that first upcoming recording OR you can schedule the recording BEFORE 6 pm MT (12 am UTC).

Thank you for your answer. And it is good to know I wasn’t entirely losing it.

I was using the web app trying to setup all the things I wanted to record going forward.