Reorder Guide Channels


I just started using the Tablo this week since the App was released for the Apple TV so forgive me if I missed it. Can you reorder the channel lineup in the guide? My antenna can pickup 38 channels and I know I will use 4 or 5 more then the others. It would be nice to reorder the channels with the ones I will use the most at the top.


No, there’s no way to reorder the channels.


There isn’t a way to re-order the channels although we’ve considered adding a ‘favorite channels’ option that would place those higher in the guide.

If there are channels in your lineup that you never watch, you can consider removing them entirely from the guide via the channel scan section in the settings area of your Tablo app.


Resurrecting this because I’d also like to see this feature. Each of my local major network channels also have 2-4 sub-channels. I’d LOVE to be able to keep the big 4 at the top with all the sub-channels and lesser-known networks below. I don’t want to get rid of them, as they all might occasionally have something I want to see; I just want to easily be able to visit the big 4 networks in the guide first and have them all at the top without scrolling.


I agree, this should be revisited. As a new user moving from DishNetwork (or any cable provider I believe), I really want to see the big networks listed first (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox), and the secondary digital channels to appear later. I don’t want to turn some of these off, but it is really annoying to scan down over 3 pages of listing to see what’s on Fox (channel 32) vs.other network channels from 2-7.

Please let the user order the channels. I don’t care if I have to do it via a web interface…I want to set it once and forget it.



I assume you are talking about a server side setting that affects all UI’s. And what happens if someone else in the household doesn’t like your ordering?

This feature might result in a very expensive amount of retail therapy.


Agreed, this would be beneficial


I’d like to add my voice to this. I don’t want to delete the subchannels, but I very rarely watch them and would like to “hide” them at the bottom of the channel list.


I’d like to see the favorite channels option. While I use other streaming services for some content, I use Tablo heavily for the major Networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, & FOX). I don’t want to remove the other channels as I may occasionally watch them, but I’d like to be able to flip through these. quickly.