Removing 500gb ssd and installing 1tb ssd drive

Easy to do, but can I still plug in my 500gb drive into the USB afterward and access the programs recorded on it prior to the SWAP?

Thanks, Dennis

That may be possible for a very short time, but Tablo does a nightly clean up process (matching internal database entries to what’s on the hard drive?). So if you just swap the drive without moving the contents you’ll lose what’s on the old drive.

Some users on this forum have posted steps for moving the data from one drive to another.

Maybe i should re-phrase my question.

If I remove the internal 500gb SSD and replace it with a 1TB SSD, can I later plug the 500gb into the external USB port when I want to and view the shows that were saved on the 500GB SSD.

I do know about preserving them with the Tablo Ripper program but dont want to preserve them, just view them until I don’t need to access the 500GB anymore.

Thanks for the previous response also.

Thanks, Dennis

NOTE - Any recordings which were saved to your previous drive will no longer be accessible

So once you remove your drive and start using a new one, you can’t go back.

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Thanks for the reply. You gave me the answer I needed.

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