Remote won't scroll when viewing

I can’t change the channel while viewing a channel. I have to go back to the guide, which scrolls, but I can’t directly scroll channel to channel.

Which Tablo and what player Roku, Firestick, etc.?

A brand new TCL Roku TV, a two year old Phillips Roku TV, and an ancient Panasonic Viera with a brand new Roku stick. None will scroll live TV. In order to change the channel I have to go back to the guide, scroll, select.

Sorry, Tablo is also brand new. Receipt says “Fourth Generation”. Model TF1282B-01-CN.

There is a quick channel select feature…

But I’m guessing maybe it hasn’t been implemented yet for the 4th gen Tablo, just the legacy Tablo models. The apps for the 4th gen model are missing some existing features at the moment.

Yeah, my up and down buttons on the directional navigation pad are dead, they have no function. I noticed there were two apps in the store. Maybe I’ve got the wrong one…

No I think I’ve got it right. I’m using Version 0.8 Build 100. The other app is labeled “Legacy”.

Yes, you have the correct app, the one with the blue background. That’s the app that is compatible with the 4th gen Tablo. I have a legacy Tablo so can’t use that app yet but it sounds like the 4th gen Tablo app doesn’t support the quick channel select feature yet. Maybe @TabloSupport can chime in and confirm that’s on the roadmap for that app.

Thanks for your help. The other oddity is if I delete a channel from the lineup, the guide still shows a blank space with the channel number. Neither of these issues are a dealbreaker, just a slight annoyance. This product is a great option if your antenna location is restricted like mine is. I can get fantastic reception from one location upstairs. Downstairs, even outside, it’s very poor.