Remote VPN for TabloTV app?

My previous question was stale, as it took me some months to get my gear and get back to my condo.

Well, I finally got back down here and once again TabloTV app is not cooperating. To recap…I have an LG TV that I can’t take off the wall, transport 350 miles home, sync with my Tablo DVR, and then transport back 350 miles and put back on the wall. The whole process typing it out even sounds stupid.

Ok, some industrious helpers on this community suggested setting up a VPN. I personally use ZeroTier for my other equipment. I bought a GL-iNet router and loaded ZeroTier on it. I can via a laptop go right to any IP address on my home network 10.20.20.x, including the IP Address that comes up Nuvyyo Tablo Server web page. So I know I have a path through to my home server network. My Home Assistant server back home can even see my sensors in my condo, Awesome.

Now, From the Tablo app on my LG TV, it will not find the Tablo DVR. The TV is getting assigned a 192.168.8.x address, but the router is online via the ZeroTier network, so I can only assume it isn’t seeing the sub-net that the Tablo DVR is on 10.20.20.x. I can’t assign the TV a 10.20.20.x address, as it doesn’t connect to the internet.

I know it’s got to be something simple, So what am I missing?

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Sounds like your laptop has a 192.168.8.x address, but you can connect to the 10.20.20.x network. That’s only half the answer. You need to configure that router so that ALL devices are on the 10.20.20 network, because there’s no way to tell the Tablo app to look on a different network. It uses local network discovery to find Tablo devices.

Honestly, the easiest solution would be to buy one of the streaming boxes that DO support Tablo connect, which I think is limited to Fire TV, Apple TV, and Shield devices.



The issue might be related to network configuration. If your LG TV is receiving a 192.168.8.x address from your router, it indeed suggests that it’s not on the same subnet as your Tablo DVR (10.20.20.x).
To resolve this, you may need to adjust your router’s settings or create a route between the two subnets. Since you’re using ZeroTier, you might want to double-check your routing settings to ensure that traffic can flow seamlessly between your TV and Tablo DVR on different subnets.
By the way, if you’re looking for more proxy solutions, you can explore py s5 proxy. They offer secure proxy options that might come in handy for your remote setups. Good luck!

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I tried Zero Tier before, I couldn’t get it to work either.

It doesn’t need to be on the same subnet, just needs to be pushed/directed to/through that subnet.

I went to my K.I.S.S method and setup IPsec Site 2 Site VPN between my son’s dorm room and my home. PBR’d his device across the S2S, and it picked right up.

A L2TP client connection from your remote location will work too. My son’s iPad picks up my tablo from college over the manual L2TP VPN configuration. With the iPad config, you have to enable “push all traffic” on the L2TP config section.