Remote Viewing Feature of Tablo Doesn't work

The only reason I have a Tablo is to watch TV at a second home.

After several months of working with Support to figure out why I wasn’t able to watch Tablo in my second home, I was finally told yesterday that there was a software problem systematic to the system.

This was after I had spent many hours trying to diagnose connectivity problems in my environment.

Guys, honesty is always the right policy. The fact is that you can’t consistently watch your programming outside of your home. My tablo works great in my primary residence. It doesn’t work at all in remote locations.

Don’t buy a Tablo to watch TV outside of your primary location until this is fixed. The support team have always been nice and courteous when I have called in. However, I resent investing many hours trying to solve a problem in my environment that you knew was a problem with the software.

That’s very weird. I have used remote viewing with a Fire TV stick, and then Fire TV box on my Tablo since May 2014, no issues. My Tablo is not located where I live so it gets daily usage of remote viewing.

I have a cheap $20 TP-Link router. Are you trying to setup remote viewing using a combo modem/router provided by your ISP? This can be problematic because the ISP locks down many settings on the device.

Yah…I have seen a lot of router setup, proxy, port issues…it works like a champ. I watch from France and Asia with zero issues…

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Yep, same here. I hate waiting for my wife while she’s in the store but between Tablo and Sling, there’s always something on to watch while I wait. It all depends on your base setup, antenna signal and remote internet connectivity. it does work as intended though if that’s all good.

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