Remote streaming with android app question

Remote streaming between Seattle and Kailua Kona of previously recorded programs generally works fine for me after I set the recording quality to the recommended 5 mbps. Also If I’m using the Tablo android app I can pause, skip, etc a live program while recording it with no problems. But if I connect to Chromecast while recording the live program the Tablo app restarts from the beginning every time and will not skip forward. So essentially I have to wait for the recording to complete, which in this case is quite a while because I was recording the NBA finals game 2 with “extend live recordings” turned on. Anyone know if there is a workaround for this problem? If not, does Tablo have plans to fix this anytime soon? Thanks, Harry

This is normal behavior using a Chromecast with Tablo Connect.

The Tablo folks have said they will revisit the Chromecast after the AppleTv app is done, so they may be able to improve it.

And if you use any remote quality but Full, the Android app works that way as well.