Remote streaming unreliable

Hello, I am new here, and I am an expat, living in Germany.

I need the remote streaming feature to work well, so that I can watch US tv in Germany. Anyway, I am here in WI right now, trying my best to get this unit working correctly. Setting up the device for remote connection was easy, but actually getting the streams to start remotely has been super difficult.

I have my Tablo connected via ethernet, with an upload of 1 mbps. I have purchased the first month of subscription, so that the Tablo Connect feature should work. I can always connect to my device, and it syncs up without error.

When I connect from my neighbors house, sometimes the streams start, and other times I just get cover art. I have tried with my PC, iPhone, and tablet. All work sometimes, and do not work at other times.

When I connect from the coffee shop, my PC never gets a stream going, but my iPhone does work, both in streaming recordings and live tv. I don’t see what the difference would be here between the devices??

This is very frustrating to me, as I really like the software interface and idea, but it is simply not working well. I do not want to go back to my 6 year old slingbox, but I may be forced to.

Can anyone help here?

The TabloConnect feature works fine if you want to watch TV remotely on a short trip or while you are out around town. But I would not recommend it as a long term solution for a vacation home or living overseas. The pairing between your remote device and your Tablo can “break”, and the only way to restore the pairing is to get back on your home network.

What some users have done that is more reliable is to set up a VPN from your remote location to your home network. That way your remote device appears to be on your home network, bypassing the need for TabloConnect. There may be a cost to have a VPN subscription, and I don’t know how well it works with mobile devices. Others here can give more info.

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Hey that sounds like a good idea. Can anyone chime in on where and how to have the VPN running?

Here is an open source solution.

If that is your upload speed, then that is probably your problem, mate. That’s the same speed I have - I want to upgrade but there are no other reasonably priced choices.

Ok, well I have determined that the remote streaming capabilities lie in the download speed at the various remote locations, and the screen resolution of the client. With just a 2mbps download speed, I can view remote streaming from my coffee shop on my 750p iPhone, but not my 1080p laptop. When I am at Target with a 5mbps download speed, both the iPhone and laptop work. Considering that I have a 25mbps download speed at home in Germany, this should hopefully not be an issue.