Remote streaming Roku Tv

I have a Roku Tv in a remote location that I obviously cannot lug home to connect to Tablo on my home wifi. In 2022 is this STILL the only way to get remote streaming or has something updated?

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Depending on your level of technical expertise you can easily accomplish what you want. Your other option is to bring your home network TEMPORARILY to your remote location. Do you know how to setup a VPN on your home router? If so; copy the router’s VPN certificate to your Android or MAC so that it can connect to your home LAN from anywhere using your data plan.

Then go to your remote location and connect to your VPN using the mobile device with Hotspot enabled. Now connect your TV to the phone’s hotspot, which is on your home LAN (via VPN connection). The tablo will consider your TV to be on home LAN at this point and you can easily configure remote viewing from there. Its a simple process for a geek. Don’t know where you are on the spectrum of technical but many here would be glad to help if you need a nudge along the path. Some phones don’t allow Hotspot and WiFi at the same time. I am rooted so I don’t see restrictions in my setup.

You can also connect the remote location router (if there is one) to your home router and gain LAN access that way. Then your TV logs into the remote location router, which is temporarily on LAN at home, and accomplishes the task of enabling remote viewing. Another easy option provided the know how is there.

Once you have enabled remote viewing you can disconnect from any VPN, which tends to slow the download speeds significantly. You only need the LAN access to enable remote viewing, not to actually use it!

Some TV’s might even allow apps where you could place a VPN to your home LAN directly on the TV.

If I have blown you away that is not my attempt. I am only trying to give you options.

Roku devices do not support remote streaming. So even if you were to bring your remote Roku TV home and sync with your Tablo, it still wouldn’t be able to connect remotely. See the following article for devices that do support remote streaming.

To enjoy Over-the-Air TV on-the-go, network-connected Tablo DVRs support the use of Tablo Connect on the following devices:

  • iOS smartphones and tablets
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • PC/MAC
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Nvidia Shield (Android TV)
  • Chromecast with Google TV (Android TV)
  • Apple TV

Tablo Connect is also supported when casting to Chromecast via paired Android mobile devices and PCs.

Roku does NOT currently support Tablo Connect.

TV-Connected Tablo DVRs do NOT support Tablo Connect.


Then why is there a Tablo app on it?

I’m not technical enough to know how to do it, but I’m technical enough to probably figure it out lol. I’l give it a try.

Roku devices will work with your Tablo while on the same network, they just don’t support remote connection.

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Well that’s dumb!

You can purchase one of the devices I listed above that do support remote connection. Then sync it with your Tablo first before you move it to your Roku TV at your remote location. Now you should be able to remotely view your Tablo

A “technical” workaround for this is:

If your Roku TV is a model that supports Apple AirPlay, you can cast the Tablo from an iPhone or iPad to your Roku TV. An iPhone or iPad can connect remotely to your Tablo. Yes for this to work you need an iPhone.

See link below for which Roku TVs support AirPlay.

Yes, it is foolish to buy something then get upset when it doesn’t work how you want it to… when all the information is just clicks/taps away :neutral_face:

I believe the VPN option will still work with Roku. It negates the remote part as the network goes. There are post with setp-by-step instructions.

Actually, I didn’t buy it for this purpose but it’s no longer being used for the original purpose and I wanted to use it for this purpose. But thanks for playing! :roll_eyes:

I am aware of this but it’s not feasible in my situation. But thank you.

Can you please explain your comment? I have roku 4 upstairs and basement. the only problem I have is getting the antenna to be working in certain places in the house, will be getting it outside shortly before the year is up.

The original poster was trying to use Tablo Connect to remotely connect to a Roku TV. Roku’s will work with your Tablo on your home network, they just don’t have the capability to connect remotely.

oh ok then. I like this forum a lot. Just wish that more people would see not only the difference in savings but the differences in other things too.

Thank you guys for the clarification. I am a Firestick tech user and I don’t mess with Roku’s because I need VPN’s and sideloading for my personal needs.

Lisa, I apologize that my advice to you didn’t apply. I will say that firesticks are fairly cheap so bringing one to your cabin would solve your problem. Even if you were to carry your Roku TV back to your home and then move it back you will lose connection likely every few months or so. Your IP likely changes at home and when that happens you would need to reconnect Tablo remote to your router at home. It takes me less than two minutes to do that using a remote vpn connection (possible with Firesticks) to handshake your home router and re-establish Tablo remote. Maybe this is too much work for your needs, but once setup its very easy to maintain. Good luck Lisa.

I guess I am fairly new to all this remote tablo connect item, but here is what I understand so far. My android phone with the tablo app connected to it with no problems and no remote connection setup. I was even able to access it while I was away. However, I took great pains to setup my router after that so that I might enjoy connecting another roku to it from my friends house. The router is now setup properly for Tablo connect. I also have Tablo Tools running, and it reports that besides my internal, private IP, it also has a PUBLIC IP address. So, I would think that when I load the tablo channel/app on my remote roku, shouldn’t I just be able to specify that public IP address for it to connect to? Why is that such a big deal that everyone says roku doesn’t support it? Can’t you easily add that capability in a roku channel update, PLEASE!

Tablo Connect is not currently supported/available with Roku devices.

This page shows supported devices:

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