Remote Streaming Quits

After updating to the latest firmware, remote streaming is working, but I am having an issue where remote streaming will stop after 15-20 minutes into a recording with the dreaded playback error screen. After this occurs, the recording will not restart either at the beginning or resume. All that appears is 0.00 as if no recording exists, and rebooting does not fix the issue. I have the 4 tuner Tablo using a Fire TV Stick for remote streaming. I have 60 + mbps upload speed at my home and a high quality connection at the remote location which works fine with other apps. Has anyone had this problem or thoughts about what may be causing it?

#1 When this happens I change my remote streaming quality to a different rate which forces the TabloTV DVR to re-encode the recording or live stream. As you said, the stream you were watching will no longer play.
#2 This happens to me most often while watching a live stream of an episode that I am recording. The dreaded playback error screen comes up about when the TabloTV starts to create thumbnails of the recording. This also happens when just watching a live feed without other recordings.
#3 I have other issues than you with a remote 5Mbit Uplink and a 10Mbit receiving Downlink here. I can run speedtest happily when I VPN into my remote home with the TabloTV and get just under 5Mbits from the Uplink and a full 10Mbits from my Downlink, yet the TabloTV buffers even at the lowest 640Kbit level! At other times of the day I stream fine remotely at 1.5Mbit. I believe network delays are more of the issue than bandwidth. Your 60Mbit Uplink seems great, but intermittent lags might be causing the disconnect. Remote streaming does NOT build up a dependable buffer on the receiving side. Instead the receive buffer drops to near zero before streaming restarts, which causes needless buffering on the receive side. My speedtest & “” is well over 9Mbit and TabloTV can’t keep up with a 1Mbit stream! Ping times to are in the 50ms range with outliers in the 150ms range. On the remote end Google ping times are 10ms solid.