Remote Streaming Display Problem with Android TV (Shield)

I have two Tablos in two different locations (home and vacation home). I can connect to each of my Tablos via my Android TV app on my Nvidea Shiled TV player. Lately when streaming from my remote Tablo, the display has been experiencing an odd problem. The bottom play/pause bar displays correctly when on the screen. However, when it goes away, the area where the bar was becomes pure static - it looks like poor reception taking up about 5% of the bottom of the TV screen.

This is not a problem when streaming from the local Tablo - only with the remote Tablo. Has anyone else seen this problem? Is it a recent bug? Any suggestions?


What is the remote streaming quality? What is your upload internet speed at the remote location?

The remote picture quality is good / acceptable. My remote internet is 25 down / 5 up. My local internet is 75 down / 75 up. I set the Remote Streaming Quality to 3Mbps.

The main reason I don’t like streaming remote is that the Tablo does not let you resume a recording from where you left off. It will prompt you, but it ignores your selection and just starts the show over. Then, it can take quite a while to fast forward to the previous position. Unfortunately, this is a transcoding issue that can only be resolved if I change the Remote Server Quality to Full Quality.