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If this has been answered recently, I apologize for asking again so soon.  My most important need (not wish) is for Roku to operate with Tablo Connect.  I understand an additional Roku developer has been added to the team and is pushing out updates.  But I am curious about where “Remote Roku” falls on the to-do list.  Can anyone provide any info on an ETA?  Even “It’s a long way off” would be helpful.  Thanks.

@JohnT I really wish I could give you something more definitive, but we don’t have a solid release timeline for this just yet. At least, nothing we can share. The Roku functions differently than the rest of the devices that support Tablo Connect, so we need to approach it a little differently. We’ll share something on this as soon as we can.

@TabloSupport  Thank you for the rapid response.  I understand what you are saying and anxiously  await a workable solution to the issue.  I suspect you will need to implement something entirely different than “pairing” for remote Roku access.

This is also extremely important to me as well in my quest to cut the cord completely on paid television. 

Add me to the list of customers who consider this capability vital! Was seriously disappointed when after purchase I discovered the roku support was for local net only.

You’re just going to have to wait. If you had googled your concern then you would have seen the Roku does not support Tablo Connect yet.

In the meantime, I use a router which VPNs into the network where the Tablo is and I can use the Roku outside the local network. Streams well with no issues.

I am curious what other product out there can take a signal from your home network and stream it a TV outside the home network.

There are multiple solutions for streaming to tablets, computers, and smartphones outside your home network  (slingbox, Tivo Stream, etc), but I am unfamiliar with ones that can stream to an actual TV set (besides for hooking up a tablet, phone, or computer to a TV, which the Tablo can do).

My main question is whether the Tablo is not providing a feature that another product is providing in this space.

@snowcat, you are wanting to know if you can have a short range ATSC or NTSC broadcast device? 

Obviously a long range device is certainly not possible for many reasons (and the legal barriers).

There’s nothing preventing you from doing an antenna grabber (e.g. Hauppauge) and taking that stream to wherever by whatever means.  It’s not terribly hard to do… but might be better if you integrated with something like Plex.

Maybe I’m missing the discussion point??

I am reading that remote Roku support is “vital”, so I want to know what other product out there can do what the Tablo can’t.  If there is no such device, then it can hardly be called “vital”. 

oh… I get it… :slight_smile:

But, I think the issue is that you can remotely connect (pair) devices with other things…e.g. Plex.  So maybe “remote roku” is really the ability to remotely pair??

Maybe that answers the majority of what people are actually wanting?

Btw folks… Plex Media Server + Roku (3) + TabloTV is a very powerful combo.  I’ve made some tweaks to the programs I’ve posted here and will try to get those pushed out so that you can see how easy it is to move things from Tablo to Plex.

I watch on my iPad remotely and stream from there to my tv using Apple TV.Works great. I think chrome cast can do that from a PC as well.

@snowcat I called using the Tablo Connect to my Roku “vital” because that is exactly my use case. That is why I bought my Tablo to begin with. The early descriptions were quite vague on this point and I assumed it was possible because the Tablo connected to other devices remotely. So I thought it was only a matter of time, especially after the local Roku support was done.

I went ahead and bought an Amazon Fire TV and that worked pretty well or about a month. Then it just stopped, producing an endless “Connecting…” mesage. It has been weeks and I have not had a chance to troubleshoot it. But the rest of the family are REALLY annoyed because I told them I had finally found a solution.

I know I can work up a VPN solution but it is precisely because I am tierd of doing such things that I bought the Tablo to begin with. I just want Tablo to live up to its concept promise.

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I would love this feature on the Roku too. But Tablo has actually never advertised or promoted Tablo Connect on the Roku so we’re just going to have to wait.

The Fire TV needs repairing locally once in a while due keep Tablo Connect working.

Does this work yet? This is a HUGE feature that I REALLY want.

Unfortunately no Tablo Connect for the Roku. Get a Nexus Player, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield

No need to ask the same Q in two threads.

Would the username / password combo which as also been requested let the Roku work if the correct username / password entered? Also with the username / password, there would need to be an option to reset it - perhaps by emailing a direct link to reset it, or have a default password of the Tablo Mac address.

I too got a FireTV stick for remote viewing and have a NP from the past Roku problems that can also be used remotely, along with phone and tablet.