Remote playback of recordings now fail

Using firestick tablo app. Now it times out and tells me signal is bad, which is wrong, of course. Oddly, I can play live TV, I was able to play 1 old recording but not another. I assume it is a firestick tablo app bug. I also found I can sometimes hit fast forward and see the forwarding frame images before it finally times out and tells me my reception is bad.
I can run this from my Android phone. My tablet just sits there syncing forever, more than 12 hrs at the moment.
Yes, android support is not very stable. Rebooted fire stick and would reinstall tablo app if I could reconnect remotely, but for some reason, tablo doesn’t want us to easily reconnect remotely.
I just give up until I can get the fire stick back home, delete the tablo app, reinstall and connect? Yes, stupid, but what choice has tablo given me?
A fix?