Remote playback froze and won't restart

I’ve got an interesting issue with remote streaming tonight, trying to watch shaun white. the stream buffered as expected and at about 54 min (well behind the buffer) into the recording everything just stopped right about the time the recording itself finished, on the hour. the (remote streaming) video froze, and I got the spinning wheel. After about 5 minutes I killed the browser (chrome under windows) and connected back in. Tablo connected, synced, and showed the recordings normally. when I selected the (now completed) recording, the system knew where it stopped (gave me the option of resuming at 54:00), but playback resulted in no video (just got the opening frame). the play button didn’t work. repeated this behavior several times (kill browser, log back in) with the same result. each time, the system offered to resume at 54:00 but played nothing. all other recordings yielded a 'no tuner available" message.

after about 20 minutes I finally got a ‘no tuner available’ message for the desired recording as well. I’m wondering if the real issue here is that the point in time when the video froze, what was really happening is that I lost a tuner to another recording and the system failed to gracefully inform the remote browser.

tablo 2 tuner
WD elements desktop 4TB
1.4.1 build 861 [201801231739]

Edit: here’s additional data. I tested again by streaming a recording (different one) already in progress. all I got is the frozen first frame and no playback. all other recordings I get “no tuner available” . the weight of evidence to me is still suggesting a non-graceful handling of tuner conflict which happens to occur during a remote stream. I just repeated the same result over a recording boundary, and this time I confirmed that scheduled recordings demanded both tuners, leaving my remote stream high and dry. what I can’t explain yet is why an attempt to remotely stream a recording already in progress consistently displays the opening frame.

If you give our team a shout, we should be able to figure out what caused this.