Remote Desktop viewing without local sync

My understanding is that I need to do a setup on my local home WiFi on each device that I wish to take with me on a trip and use to view my OTA channels from the road.

I have a Mac and Windows desktop at a second home that I would rather not bring home for this sync.

Is there any way to make this work? I am comfortable diving into Windows registries and such technical details in order to make this work.

Ideally, would like to setup a Mac, a Windows, and an iPad that are already at the remote location and use them to view OTA channels at home without carrying these home and then back to the remote location.

Thank you

Yes you can remotely pair using a VPN. If you’re technically inclined you’ll figure it out. Use of a VPN for remote pairing is not officially supported by Tablo so there are no posted guides.

Thx for the quick response and the helpful hint. Understand the official policy.

So one way is to setup a permanent VPN between the 2 locations. I understand that is what the hint is.

Any hints on using a “temporary VPN” to make the remote device appear local, do the remote device setup as if it was on the local wifi, and then tear down the temporary VPN?


I recall a post someone copied google-chrome config from one system to another and was able to remote connect. Didn’t bookmark it. Not sure how much you need or what/where it’s called/located on a Windows system


This is not the same as the cache directory. Not sure how much more may be needed. There’s likely some cookie or setting storage needed as well. The open ports come from the pseudo-discovery inquiry The JSON response includes

"http": 21847,
 "ssl": 0,
"slip": 21848,

One should match forwarded port 80 on your router the other matches 8887, so I don’t believe these are “configured” via the browser, but the browser needs to recognize the

"serverid": "SID_5087B8XXXXXXX,

which is why you’ll need to collect the “data” from the browser that knows the tablo on the same network. How much cache/config is necessary and what a mess you’ll end up with, I can’t answer.

Disclaimer, I have never attempted any of this. Just information I’ve collected, yet what do I really know.


Will take me at least 4-5 days to try various options. Maybe more. Will be happy to share findings. My plans include:
On Windows, run a trace, join the windows locally on home LAN, try and figure out all the registry and caches etc updated. Know how to do this trace on windows, need to learn that trace on a tablet. May be much harder there
Enable a tablet that is on local wifi LAN just to make sure everything works
Enable VPN server on my router, turn phone to cellular access mode, turn off wifi on phone, connect the phone to VPN server and see if I can pair the phone as if it were local

Thx again!