Remote Connections. How to?

We are snowbirds… Please no hissing… it’s just the way things turned out for us. So I went north with my Android phone and tablet and can watch the programming on Tablo with these devices. But it is pretty crummy trying to watch stuff on small screens. So I went to my northern Roku tv, I left my southern one down south, and I fear there is no way to log into the Tablo with the Roku TV. Does anyone have any ideas?

Can’t be done. The Roku doesn’t do remote connect at all.

You might be able to get a Chromecast and cast from your phone to the TV. I don’t use them myself.

Your phone may be able to mirror to the roku directly.

Mirroring a device doesn’t work well for Tablo playback on a Roku.

OP - just get a Chromecast with Google TV, pair it with the Tablo and then take it south.

Thank you so much. Your advice worked well from my Samsung phone to my TCL Roku TV. I knew I could do this to a Smart Samsung TV but hadn’t heard of doing so with a Roku.


That’s great - so the screen mirroring worked? I only have iOS devices and Roku devices so I have tested AirPlay on Roku, which is different than screen mirroring.

Yes this worked with my Android S8 after loading a free app from Google Play. There are a lot of apps there by “other” producers. I just choose one by random and I guess it was luck because first one tried worked. The app told me to be sure mirrcast was activated on the Roku. Couldn’t find that specific language on the Roku but I did find some other terminology concerning mirroring and it was already activated.

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