Remote connection works on iphone, not ipad

Now I have my static IP sorted out and port forwarding figured out, I decided to test it out last night on cellular. I turned off wifi on phone and connected effortlessly. But when I tried connecting my ipad through my phones personal hotspot I got this message. Which makes no sense tome. If the phone can connect, it stands to reason th ipad would too. What say all of you?

Have you first configured the tablo app on the ipad for remote connect?

It’s not the cellular that “knows” the port forwarding it’s the tablo app on your iphone you configured for remote connect.

So if your logic is the cellular connection it what’s allows remote connect for “it stands to reason”, I believe your logic if flawed. Otherwise, I’m mistaken and sorry for the misunderstanding.

You do not configure the app. You configure the Tablo,unless I am mistaken.The Tablo app on iPad shows Tablo as ready for remote connection, as does the phone and the Apple TV, when connected to my home wifi network. It is not a cellular capable iPad.

Have you recently paired the iPad with your Tablo on your local network?

Click the x button on the iPad to delete the Tablo from it, then connect to it while on your local WiFi network.

Ok, both… but Out-Of-Home Streaming | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

Supported devices must be synced with your Tablo on its home network before departure.

App/device have to be synced/configured/setup with your tablo on the local network for before you can remote connect with it, Which is why I was see your iphone and ipad connecting to your tablo as having no relation weather it’s over iphone hotspot or whatever wifi - tablo app needs to know, not your iphone’s “internet” > wifi connection.

“Your device must be ‘paired’ with your Tablo on your Tablo’s home network for Tablo Connect to work. Pairing is accomplished simply by syncing your device with your Tablo while you’re at home.” This was done. When I did the test I was at home and I had used the iPad app on wifi before connecting it to the hotspot on the phone. Incidentally when I launched the phone on 4g it found the Tablo and synced on its own.

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Ipad Tablo connects easily to my home wifi each and every time. Connecting to my Tablo on another wifi network? No.

Can you try another external WiFi that is not your phone hotspot? Like a neighbour, friend, or Starbucks?

My iPad will not connect if it’s on 5G WiFi but connects ok on 2g WiFi at home

:question: 5G cellular? Or 5 GHz WIFi but not G or “WiFi G” but on 2.4 GHz?


Worth a shot. Next time I am out and about.

802.11b. & 802.11g
Not cellular
AT&T U-verse is my ISP

we seem to have diverted from the original topic…

I can connect to my Tablo locally and remotely using both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, this is not the issue the OP posted about.