Remote Connect with Fire Stick often requires FORCE STOP

When viewing my Tablo Dual with a paired Fire Stick remote access, the system often gives me an error when selecting a new channel. The only way I’ve found to resolve and return to normal operation is to use the Fire Stick’s settings menu, and under applications, manage the app, and “force stop” the app. Then I can restart the app and resume streaming. This is repeatable, and a pain when browsing channels. I suspect that it has something to do with the remote Tablo continuing to stream after I “unselect” the channel. I haven’t had this issue with a local Tablo on my account.

Are there any other users that have to “Force Stop” their apps to keep the Tablo working?

Yes. Not too uncommon for me to see issues related to the 4K Firestick. I’ve seen out of sync audio/video, “Retry Video” warnings, buffering etc. If I force stop the Firestick, delete cache, delete data and restart, it works perfectly again. I ASSUME it’s a problem with the Tablo app on the Firestick but I’m not sure. It doesn’t happen real often but now, when I see any anomaly with Tablo on the Firestick, I do the force stop routine and it virtually always fixes the problem for a few days.

I have to be careful, because my remote Fire Stick is 1200 miles away. I typically clear the cache before force stopping, but I’m concerned that if I clear the data, it might forget the “paired” settings and I won’t be able to access again. That’s just a guess. I have another Fire Stick that I paired previously, and it lets me “see” both my local and remote Tablos, on the connect screen, but it won’t connect with the remote one at all. I suppose on the next trip to Florida, I’ll just take all of my Fire Sticks for pairing.

That’s a great point on the pairing. I hadn’t thought of that but since I plan to travel with a Firestick (if we can EVER travel again) I’d like to know the outcome as well. Maybe someone knows and will comment what we need to do to get the Firestick to work again if on-site pairing is not possible.

We haven’t managed to reproduce this internally. We may not have an immediate fix for this, but if you touch base with our support team, they can work with you to get the logs from your Tablo app so that we can get this to our development team for investigation.