Remote Access was working but now says I have to manually configure and can't

I was happy when initial setup said remote Access was set up automatically. Now it says the router requires manual setup. Tablo is wired to my router, I go into preferences and find my routers IP but when I input and search my wireless printer comes up. I’ve tried Safari and Chrome and neither work. Why would it be fine then need setting up? I have rebooted everything, router, modem and nothing. I can’t fine the right IP address to set up manually and have no idea why it would have lost the connection in the first place. Could it be the latest update they sent out?

Does your router have DHCP enabled? The tablo may have been assigned a newer, different IP address than the one it was initially setup on. If DHCP is enabled on the router, then I’d suggest a DHCP reservation for the tablo’s IP address.

Tablo only works via DHCP as it has no method to set it’s own IP.
Note: a DHCP lease reservation is still… DHCP

I am saying if the ROUTER has DHCP enabled instead of direct routes, then the tablo could have been set up with a different IP address (release/renew). Thus, a suggestion of DHCP IP reservation. I did not say tablo sets it’s own IP.

Yes, AirPort Extreme is set to DHCP and on the list of connected devices I do no see anything that might be the Tablo. What do you mean by DHCP reservation for the Tablo. How do I find the Tablo IP? I’m thinking this might have happened after a power outage but I have tried reseting everything to no avail.

Since your Tablo is connected via Ethernet to your router you can identify it by MAC address. The MAC address for the Ethernet port on the Tablo is written on the bottom of the Tablo itself. Use that to identify the Tablo and its IP address in the list of connected devices.

You can also find your Tablo’s IP address on the Settings page near the bottom. Some Tablo playback devices list it as “Server Host” and others as “Tablo IP Address”.

Correct… if your router didn’t have DHCP enabled - tablo would not work with it.
Just say’n you couldn’t be using a tablo in the first place without having DHCP enabled. Many likely agree setting an IP via router is a good idea :slight_smile:

SOLVED, for anyone else with this problem. I have never had to mess with my Router settings with an Apple Extreme already set up for DHCP but for an unknown reason it changed the port settings so I lost my remote access. KirkH was right to say set up a DHCP reservation in the router settings. Until I did it kept changing the port settings every time I reset the Tablo connection. These settings worked for me and I now know how easy it is to manually set. Tablo Support - Sarah (Tablo)

Mar 15, 2021, 11:47 AM EDT

Hi Thomas,

I looked at your Tablo’s logs and it appears the router has changed the public port numbers. Before setting up port forwarding, it might be worth assigning a DHCP reservation for your Tablo’s IP address - this can help prevent the router from changing the Tablo’s IP address which can help prevent it from changing port numbers too.

Once this is done, try updating the public port numbers in your router using the new information being shown in the Tablo’s Settings page.

At the moment, your port forwarding setup should look like this:

Rule 1: External port (also called public port) 21… should be forwarded to internal port (also called private port) 8887.

Rule 2: External port 21… should be forwarded to internal port 80.

For reference, your Tablo’s last known private IP address is 72.189… … The protocol you should choose is ‘TCP/UDP’ or ‘TCP’.

Note, these numbers may change so I’d recommend checking the Tablo’s settings page before setting up port forwarding.

I’d recommend you search for your router model number using the link below.

Please refer to this link: Open Port

For security, out may consider editing out your 'private IP". and maybe the open external port numbers.

You know, it wasn’t too many years ago when time between a new IP showing up and first hack attempt could be measured in seconds.

It’s weird, but it’s not that bad today (lazy hackers?).

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